New patient • 1st visit

Do i need a referal to get an appointment?

No, you are welcome to call and make an appointment at any time. Dr. Hoffmeyer is a specialist as well as a general dentist and can offer all types of treatment if needed. When indicated Dr. Hoffmeyer may refer certain types of treatment to other dentists, physicians and specialists. This is for your benefit and optimal treatment result.

Can I send an email with descriptions and photos and get online information about treatments and prices

No, if you can not get the needed information on our website, it requires that you book an appointment “a consultation without treatment” (see price list for fees). It is necessary for the dentist to make a brief examination, assess the treatment options, expected treatment time and prices in order to be able to answer your questions. the examination and the conversation between you and the dentist are recorded (according to the applicable laws and regulations). You can book an appointment at Online Booking (30 min. Write a message in the text field. Remember that you must inform your email and phone number in order for the time to be registered). You are also welcome to call 33136660.

Can I send email or call and shop around for treatments and prices

Often we can not answer these many inquiries seriously (read above). The trust between patient and dentist is two-way. The fact that a patient shops around for a single treatment and uses several dentists can give large fluctuations, in the prices due to imprecise questions, misunderstandings, lack of basis to be able to answer the question correctly and that other (perhaps better) treatment proposals are not discussed. Often a problem has different treatment options, durability, prices (cheaper or more expensive) and expectations.

At the clinic, we offer a “consultation without treatment” (see price list for fees), where we create a medical record under your CPR-number where examinations, assessments, recommended treatments, conversations ect. are recorded. We only perform treatments where a professional examination and assessment by the dentist has been carried out and the price has been determined on the basis of expected time and material consumption.

Collaboration with your Referring Doctor

If you are referred by your general dentist, other specialist or physician, Dr. Hoffmeyer would appreciate receiving any relevant information or requests (chart and x-rays) prior to your appointment. 

Please note that Dr. Hoffmeyer has an agreement with your referring doctor that she will only perform dentistry related to your referral.
Any other dental work needed will be performed by your referring doctor.

Dr. Hoffmeyer enjoys to work with your dentist and help you achieve the desired result.

Your first visit with Marianne Hoffmeyer

Your first visit will include a medical history evaluation, a thorough tooth and gum examination, an oral cancer screening, digital x-rays and the development of a treatment plan designed around your specific dental needs and concerns.

Journal and X-ray

In the event of a change of dentist or a referral, we will collect your medical record and X-rays from your dentist. You must give us written permission or even call your current dentist. By law, dentists have a duty to keep your medical record for 10 years from the last entry in the medical record. It is often a good idea that we have received these things before your first visit so that we have the information we need.

Treatment abroad which is not professionally satisfactory

If your treatment is done abroad and there are signs of poorly done work, we can not take responsibility for the work that has been done. You will thus not have any of that work repaired with us. However, we will of course help you with an assessment and estimate of the necessary new treatment.

Fees and payment

You will routinely be offered an estimation of your treatment fees.
In case this is not received, please feel free to ask for a copy at any time. 

We are pleased to offer the following payment options:

  • Payment is due in full at the time of treatment rendered at each appointment.
  • When surgery appointments are due, we wish to make it more pleasant for you and take care of payments prior to being seated for surgery.
  • Complex treatments that take several months are paid in installments at the time the phase of treatment is rendered.
  • We accept Debit Cards
  • Unfortunately we currently do not accept any credit cards
  • If you have dental insurance, please let us know and we may be able to help you electronically notify the company about receipt of payment. 

The clinic’s privacy policy for patient treatment

When you are a patient at the clinic, it is necessary that we register and use certain information about you. We have a duty to do this after “autorisationsloven, journalføringsbekendtgørelsen og sundhedsloven”. We must follow the established rules on data security, cf. compliance GDPR per. May 25, 2018.