It is a good idea to read the entire guide below, that answers the questions we have come across along the way:

New patient: Click on the text “new patient? click here” to be set up with us. We need your email and mobile phone number so we can send you information regarding your first visit.
*If you have been referred by your own dentist, family and friends, you can book an appointment without calling us first. Just write us a note in the online comment field.
*If you are a new patient without some kind of referral and want treatment with us, it might be a good idea to call us the first time on 33136660, so  we can assess whether we think we can help you. Read on below.

Already registered as a patient with us: Enter CPR, mobile/email and booking number (sent with invitation letter/sms or you can request a new one on the online page itself). You can NOT reuse used booking numbers and you have to order a new one in the booking field.

Do you want to book online yourself and maybe later on change the appointment yourself online: You are able to choose, book and maybe change your next appointment yourself. Simply click on the log in form at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions. You cannot delete an appointment online, but must call us 33136660

Changing / moving your appointment that has been booked by us at the clinic and not by online booking requires you to call or write to the clinic. You can NOT change an appointment yourself via online booking that has been booked by us at the clinic. If you call us, you will be given a new time over the phone. If you send an email, we will delete your appointment so that you have access to online booking again. In case of no-show or 2 cancellations, your access to online booking is blocked and booking is only possible by phone.

It is possible to book an appointment with Dentist Marianne Hoffmeyer for the following:

* Acute treatment / toothache – 15 minutes – pain, a broken tooth or filling and in need of urgent treatment / temporary filling within a very short period of time. In the online note field, you must write shortly what it is regarding, or send an email, so that it is added to your journal and ready for your appointment. You must have in mind that the time you order is indicative and adapted to our appointment book for the day in question. You should not expect to receive a treatment that lasts more than 15 minutes, but you will receive an urgent treatment and a subsequent appointment to finish the work. If you are a new patient, you must call us, as you have to be registered in the medical record system on beforehand. If you don’t see any available times, please call or email us as we try to do everything we can to help our patients if they are in pain.

* New patient – 15 minutes – new patient not referred, who wants a conversation about possible treatment in the future: The first visit / consultation / conversation without treatment is approx. DKK 290. This is exclusive, e.g. X-rays, extended registrations, etc. Please write in the online booking note field what it is regarding or send an email so that it is added to your journal and made ready for your appointment. You may find that we call and change your time so that it is better adapted to our appointment book. Please show up 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out a new patient form.

* New patient – 30 minutes – new or referred patient who wants treatment in the future: The first time a consultation / conversation is carried out without actual treatment but where necessary X-rays, extended registrations etc. are carried out according to applicable rates. The price is a minimum of DKK 290 and up (see the price list for rates for various services). Please show up 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out a new patient form.

* Treatment – 30 minutes – e.g. a check, a simple inspection including light cleaning (none or a few pockets of 4-5mm) or a small filling. For patients who are already registered as a patient with us.

* Treatment – 45 minutes – e.g. a regular cleaning 2-4 times a year after periodontitis treatment (several gum pockets of 5mm and over), a larger filling or a slightly more complex treatment. For patients who are already registered as a patient with us

If in doubt: Please call and ask on 33136660, as online booking is unfamiliar to many.

Time intervals must be selected correctly:
We would like to point out that the amount of time for your appointment  includes both the time for the treatment itself + uncovering/cleaning/de-alcoholization + journal writing + Dankort settlement.
We must have enough time for your treatment, otherwise it may require several visits.
Note that for many patients “30 minutes” will automatically appear. Use the arrow to the right to navigate to other time intervals.
If you have / have had periodontitis, we would prefer that you book 45 min. for cleanings, unless we have agreed that you only need 30 min.

Longer treatment times that last more than 45 minutes: E.g. new crown/bridge, implant, surgery. This is given either by telephone on 3313 6660 or by double-booking appointments online by appointment. This can be done if you can see that the time after your desired time is also free. You must then book the first time and then immediately send us an email/call that you want it extended to include the subsequent free time.
Here is an example: Have you agreed with us that you need 60 minutes and we e.g. have a free time both at 12:00-12:30 and 12:30-13:00, you can book the time 12:00 and inform us by email that you would like the 60 minutes.

The appointment you wish for does not appear on online booking: It is probably not available. You are welcome to call and find out more. We can put you on the journal system’s “cancellation list” and call you when there is a cancellation.

Same day / available emergency times: Not always shown online, as we primarily offer these to emergency patients (toothache, broken tooth) on our “cancellation list”.

Ordinary check-ups and non-urgent treatments: There can often be a waiting time of around 3-5 weeks (holidays/vacation periods not included). This is the reason why you may not be able to find an appointment in the following weeks. Navigate in the appointment book until you find a time you can use. If it is urgent (travel, hospital stay etc.) you can call and find out more and possibly be put on our “cancellation list”.

If you are abroad: If you cannot reach us by telephone, you are of course welcome to send an email inquiry.

Temporary changes to our opening hours / holidays are only communicated on our answering machine. If you have not received a reply to your email, you can listen to the messages on our answering machine.

Changing / moving your time booked by you via online booking: This is only possible if you have booked online yourself. This can be done up to 2 days before the agreed time. If changes need to be done less than 2 days before, please call 33136660. Remember that a late cancellation / no-show automatically triggers a health insurance fee and thus a bill for you.

Changing / moving your appointment booked by us at the clinic / by telephone: This is not possible directly on Online Booking (we have complained to the IT company). Please call 33136660. Alternatively, you can book an extra appointment through Online Booking. This is done by ordering a new booking number by pressing “New booking number? Click here” on the blue booking field and proceed from there. Please send us an email informing us of the time we have to cancel in the appointment book. We can see the new time you have reserved. (Has sometimes not worked, so the safest thing is to call us).

Cancellation without a new appointment / cancellation / deletion of your appointment with online booking: Unfortunately, this is not possible. Please call 33136660 to be sure that we have received your cancellation. Remember that a late cancellation / no-show automatically triggers a health insurance fee and thus a bill for you.

If you already have an appointment with us, but want an urgent treatment appointment:
If you urgently need help and have already booked an appointment through online booking, please contact the clinic on 33136660 to get an urgent treatment appointment.

Expired booking number: This happens when you have been to the clinic at the agreed time or have already used your number online once. The next time you want to book an appointment, you must use a new booking number. You can get this by pressing “New booking number? Click here” in the blue booking field.

Forgot your password: Click on login. Click on “forgot password”, enter your email address and a link will be sent to reset your password.

Email and SMS reminders for an appointment do not work: If you have not registered the correct email and mobile number in the clinic record, it will not be possible to receive a reminder. Call 33136660.

No-shows and late cancellations: The Public Health Insurance has established rules and rates for no-shows and late cancellations. These can be read on our price list. Agreeing the registration in your journal triggers that a bill will be sent. In the event of one no-show or two late cancellations from an appointment booked online, a block is automatically set so that a new online booking cannot be made. Please call 33136660.

We prefer that a necessary change/cancellation to be given no later than 2 working days before, so that we have the opportunity to offer the time to emergency patients and patients on our waiting list. Late cancellations are waste as we cannot manage to contact others who need the appointment. We thank you for your understanding.

Questions and guidance on using online booking: You are always welcome to call us on 33136660.

Complaints about online booking: Online booking has been purchased and established with us in order to provide service and help to all parties. We apologize for any limitations it may have and are happy to pass on comments to the IT company responsible for its function. You just have to send us an email, which we can forward to IT.


* Email and telephone enquiries/consultations: Of course, we do not provide clinical consultations or estimates over email or telephone without a prior visit/consultation with examination and journaling with the dentist at the clinic. See any indicative prices on our website.

* Consent to treatment and prices: When you book an appointment for a desired treatment, you simultaneously accept the clinic’s fees for this, consent to the treatment you have booked an appointment for and consent to email/text reminders and any email info.

* Verbal consultation about treatment options and approximate prices with time for consideration at home: If you only want a consultation without treatment so that you can get an offer on treatment options and an approximate verbal price estimate and time for consideration at home, you should choose a 15-30 min appointment booking for consultation (see the booking description about time and fee above). If you want further treatment interviews and a written estimate, you must book a time for this. You can also see a selection of approximate fees on the website.

* Written estimates often require thorough examinations, x-rays and registrations with applicable rates, i.e. not these short consultations.

* Update your info: We would like to remind you here to remember to update us on any new address, telephone, email, update on illness or medication, etc.

* If you are late for your appointment: E.g. due to traffic in the city, call us so we can try to adjust the appointment book.

* Delays on our part: They may occur, although we do everything to avoid them. We work with people and sometimes unforeseen situations (anxiety, pain, surgical changes, etc. that must be completed and cannot ethically be postponed until a new appointment). We strive for reasonable planning on our part and apologize if this causes you inconvenience. We ask that you take this into account in your own planning after the appointment. When we become aware of a situation that has arisen, we will send an automatic SMS with this information and the number of minutes (10, possibly 20-30) expected delay. Negative comments do not promote a good enviroment or a faster treatment, on the contrary, it removes the clinic-assistant from patient focus and completion. The patient in the chair (who could be you one day) and the therapists are all grateful for your empathy and understanding.