Oral Piercing • Jewels

Oral piercing

Oral jewelry is an increasingly popular trend among young people who want to make a social or fashion statement or simply share an experience with friends. Examples include tongue, cheek and lip rings.

Risks of piercings are: 

  • Inflammation, bacterial/fungal infektion around the piercing.
  • Cellular changes are seen. Metal can cause ionrelease, toxic effect and metaldesensitizing (Oral Dis 2010)
  • Teeth and fillings are fractured and chipped from the constant pounding they get from the metal/plast jewel.
  • Gums receed and tooth roots get exposed with risk of sensitivity and cavity
Tongue piercing
Damage to the front teeth due tongue piercing
Tooth jewelry

The jewelery is attached by etching and gluing the tooth surface. When the dental jewelry is removed again, there may be a yellowish stain on the tooth, caries or gingivitis.

Source: Tandlægeforeningen
Hip-Hop Grillz

“Famous hip hop rappers are now wearing iced out grillz and fans get their bling bling just like the stars”

The hip-hop culture has a new fashion trend. Individual gold-capped teeth are out and grills and fronts are in. These removable mouthpieces are made of brass, gold, platinum or silver and sometimes studded with jewels. 

From a dental perspective, improper use and care of fronts can result in serious gum disease or cavities.

Snap-on grills do not fit particularly well in and around the teeth and allow food and bacteria to get trapped underneath, which can cause cavities or other problems like gum disease, gum recession and bone loss. Other dangers include allergic reactions to cheap metals and adverse reactions to jewelry cleaners, which can burn gums.

It is necessary to aquire proper health maintenance procedures by coming in for regular dental checkups and making sure the gums stay healthy.