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Dental Treatment and Cosmetic Dentistry.
Specialist in Periodontology and
Dental Implants*

“Diplomate, Board Certified in Periodontology and Dental Implant Surgery by The American Board of Periodontology” (a specialty degree from U.S.A.)*

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*We want to point out the the specialist education is from USA, because it is not found in Denmark. The specialty is one of the 8 accredited specialities in the USA.

The clinic is located in the Center of Copenhagen on the walking street Stroget, opposite to Jorcks Passage, close to Gammel Torv / NyTorv, Christiansborg Parlament, Stork Fountain, Nørreport Station and Cph City Townhall.

What do we offer?

  • Expertise, up-to-date knowledge and high quality.
  • A committed, compasionate team.
  • Our primary focus is to help you preserve your optimal oral health and smile and providing individual care.
You will be treated in a modern office with:
  • New, state of the art equipment and materials.
  • New technology, high quality and safety.
  • The aim to reduce treatment time at your convenience.
  • The goal to provide you painless treatment and a pleasant experience.

We provide a wide range of dental services:

  • A simple dental check up and cleaning.
  • An advanced dental exam.
  • A prioritized treatment plan with fees
  • A second opinion from a specialist.
  • Dental treatment: simple, specialized or complexed.
  • Dental cosmetic restoration: teeth, occlusion and smile.
  • Consultation /treatment: topics listed in website index.
  • Implants. Bone regeneration. Sinus Lift.
  • Periodontal treatment, -surgery, -microsurgery.
  • Gum recession treatment. Gummy Smile treatment.
  • Lip and tongue frenectomy (lip and tongue tissue fold alteration).
  • Root resection, tooth / wisdom tooth removal.
  • Simple Orthodontics with:
    “invisable, 3D” Invisalign System or
    “front teeth only, simple, fast, removable” Inmann Aligner.

New patients and referrals are welcome.